On February 15, 1982 Befranz S.A.C. was incorporated as a food trader, specialized in legumes at the strategic venue located in Av. Isabel La Católica cdra. 15, La Victoria, Lima. It quickly became one of the most important food distributors of both national (more than 100 items) and international products.

Together with the opening of the market in the 90s we started directly importing food from different parts of the world through our American Grains International S.A.C. importer. By purchasing big volumes in the international market we gained the opportunity of taking advantage of the scale economy to offer our customers with products of the best quality and at the lowest prices. In this manner, Canadian lentils, American green peas among other products found their best distribution channel in this Company. After these years and after consolidating our leading position in the local market and merging in a single Legal name we are willing to face the challenges of new times, offering, as always, the best products for the Peruvian consumer.

This would not have been possible without the Lord's and the Virgin Mary blessings that are always by our side: guiding and protecting us. This is why the Company is robust thanks to our cornerstone that is Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Company is and will always be solid because of its founders' faith.